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General inquiries / marketing department director : vincent (at) skrecords.org
Central business advisor / Human resources management : sophie (at) skrecords.org
Chairman : nico (at) skrecords.org
Field sales force : cyril (at) skrecords.org


Digital distribution and promotion : Atypeek Music

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80 rue Magenta
69100 Villeurbanne

Who We Are / What We Do ?

S.K Records started around 1998 around a few young bands of the Lyon area. We decided at that time to start sort of a cooperative network to publish our releases. Most of them were selfproduced, hand crafted and such. Nowadays the roster has changed a little bit but apart from that the spirit is pretty much the same. Releasing chalenging quality music and maybe a few other things coming out of our little D.I.Y community. We hope it will speak to you as much as it does to us.